How to make sure that your startup domain is investor friendly?

A domain name is considered to be the most critical digital asset owned by a company. Ensure your domain contains the elements given below to make it investor-friendly.

Domain forms an essential part of any business in our digital age. A domain name serves as a brand name for a startup and its importance to select it very carefully. 

A good domain must contain a specific set of elements that would make it more investor-friendly. A vague domain for a startup would signify a startup’s layback approach towards the digital revolution, making it investor repellant.


How to make sure that your startup domain is investor-friendly?

A domain name is considered to be the most critical digital asset owned by a company, especially in a time where you are one Google search away from your potential clients.

The Startup India initiative came a few years ahead of India’s Digital Revolution that converted India into the age of digital Millenials. 

Investing in premium domain names is your shortcut to finding investor-friendly domains. Best business in India buys premium domains that hold instant branding, a secure domain history, a keyword with high search ranking, short, memorable, traffic-induced keyword, etc. 

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Elements of a Good Startup Domain Name

Investing in a good domain name is like investing in a profitable real-estate venture. If you buy the right domain, chances of you doubling the value of your domain are high.

To find the right domain for your startup, it is necessary to ensure that it covers the following elements:


1. Is short and catchy

A domain name must be short and catchy for its audience to grasp. If you have a short domain name, people will remember it easily, and if you have a catchy domain name, it will stick to their memory in the long run.

For example, is a domain that comprises of 3 characters and can be remembered by any individual instantly.


2. Is brandable

Instead of laying your eyes on generic domain names, try leaning towards brandable domain names. A domain name must be selected in a way that whenever an individual hears the name, he directly thinks about the brand and not the thing.

For example, if I start to take the name Apple, the majority of the audience will start thinking about the Steve Jobs firm rather than the apple ‘fruit’.


3. Has a .com extension

A domain with a dot com extension is considered to be more SEO friendly, which makes it easier to ranks over other extensions like .io. 

Additionally, individuals often use ‘.com’ as a permanent website extension sub-consciously. 


4. Easy to type

A good domain name must not contain a name that is difficult to type for the usual audience. Try to use a name that is easy-to-spell and doesn’t confuse the users.


5. Easy to remember

A good domain name must be easy-to-remember, which brings us back to its element of catchiness. The easier it is to remember a domain, the more people will talk about it, bring in customers directly through word of mouth.


6. Avoid using hyphens or numbers

Avoid the usage of hyphens and numbers in your domain name as it might confuse the users, resulting in wrong searches for the domain. Ensure that your domain is simple and contains alphabets only.


7. Related to your startup

Ensure that you make use of a good domain name that is related to your startup. For example, if you’re startup deals in providing online internships and jobs service to its users, the domain name can do wonders. 


Overall, ensure you are able to fulfill most of these elements given above to make the domain name for your startup investor-friendly. An investor will only look for a brandable domain name that holds the capability of doing well in the long run with its intelligent digital services.

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