Dream11 Tips and 14 More Apps For Fantasy Cricket

Many sports are played all over the world and gain a lot of media coverage and news coverage. With millions of fan following across the globe, cricket is the second most-watched and followed sport after soccer.

With such a huge fan base and most of them being present in India, there is always something new that we discover. There were times when kids used to play cricket in the streets by forming up teams that got famous as gully cricket in the past.

But things have changed over time. With the advancement in technology and the world of mobile phones, a new application named Dream11 has surfaced, and over the years it has gained an enormous following.

What is Dream11?

We have seen several fantasy sports being played all over the world, and it was high time that India had one of its own.

In the year 2012, Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth together found Dream11.com. They both had the goals, to help the committed fans of cricket to use their knowledge and skills to play fantasy cricket on Dream11.

Both of them had their roles to play in the development of this app but with the common interest- love for the Indian cricket team and the sport itself.

 Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth

The journey of the application has been a big one with only a few followers of the fantasy gaming in 2012 to 4 crore+ users indulging themselves in the fantasy gaming league.

Image Credits & Copyrights: https://www.dream11.com/about-us/#our-story

And not just cricket, they have also focused on kabaddi, football, and NBA to give the users a variety to choose from so that they can make the best of their knowledge about the game and use their skills to earn some money from this.

How to use Dream11?

Dream11 is played using your sports knowledge and skills.
You can play the game by choosing a team of your choice from any of the games mentioned. These teams are made up of real players from the respective sports and teams.

To get started with the game, each user receives an in-game budget of 100 credits, and that’s the maximum amount you can spend in selecting your team. You earn points based on the performance of the chosen player in the real-time match. 

These steps are followed to get started:

1. Select a match
Users can select a match from any of the current or upcoming games from a cricket series.

2. Create a team
Using the in-game credits, your sports knowledge and skills-create a Dream11 team within the 100 credits.

3. Participate in the contest
Once the team is ready, enter any Dream11 contest. These can be either free to play or cash based contest and play on to win cash prizes.

4. Follow the real match
As you play on the application, keep watching the actual match as well to stay updated with your team’s performance and track your fantasy scorecard which gets updated after every 2 minutes.

5.  Withdraw the winnings
All the cash prizes you win gets added to the Dream11 account from where you can withdraw them instantly or whenever you feel like. One time verification is required for you to be able to use the account and rewards.

To earn cash prizes through the games, a user will have to make an account on Dream11 and add money to this account with the help of their bank’s credit card, debit card or use an online portal from the transfer of cash such as Paytm, Google Pay, etc.

With the application being available on both iOS and Google PlayStore, Dream11 has tried to cover a broader audience, and in the past six years of being in the business, the efforts helped them.

Dream11 ranks as one of the topmost fantasy gaming application in India and recently in April 2019, it became the first gaming company from India to enter the ‘Unicorn Club.’ 

This sounds like easy money to a lot of people, but it is more than that. With the correct pairing of knowledge and skills, a person can earn a lot of money from this application.

Every day thousands of people search on the web, trying to find ways to hack or trick the app into getting free in-game credits or find ways to boost their balance. 

Certain tips and tricks can come in handy whenever you plan to play the games using Dream11. These are:

1. The best way to gain free cash in such online games is to use the login bonus. Usually, most of the gaming applications always provide a first-time login bonus.

Dream11 also gives Rs100 credits on the first-time login that a user can use in the game to kick off their game. These credits are used in the game to make the team.

2. The second way to earn free cash in the game is by using the “Refer To Friend” feature of the app. Using this you can send the download link of the application to a friend.

When they download the application using the sent link and fill the referral code in the given space, the person who has shared the referral code gets a credit bonus of Rs100.

3. Whenever you send a referral code, the person uses that code to download the app, and if they play a cash entry based game, then 50% of their entry fee is transferred to your account.

Earlier the referral code bonus was of Rs. 250 but with new guidelines of the website it got reduced to Rs.100

There are no easy ways to earn the cash bonuses or boost your credits in the game but with constant hard work and using your knowledge of the game; you can win a lot of money.

India is a country with a large population, and a vast number of people follow the game of cricket like a religion. But then there are cases of bettings made on the games to earn cash which is considered illegal in India and such people often face adverse consequences if caught in the act. 

This brings in the question – Is Dream11 Legal in India?

People often get confused when it comes to fantasy gaming online. A lot of these gaming applications, including Dream11, offer free gaming services, or they provide cash contests that a person can play and win some cash in the game.

People confuse the world of fantasy gaming with the dirty world of gambling and spread rumors and take actions that are not always the best decisions made by them.

One such incident happened recently when Dream11 was accused of being a fraud company that lures people into spending their money on online gaming.

In April 2017, an advocate, Varun Gumber filed a case in the Punjab and Haryana High Court to initiate a criminal proceeding against the online fantasy gaming platform, Dream11.

Varun accused them of using this app as a source of gambling for people as they were asked to pay money and take a chance at winning the games that are available in the app.

This was turned down by High Court stating that fantasy gaming is practiced all over the world and it is a game that is based on the skills and knowledge of a person about the game and not based on the chances.

A lot of people have different opinions about the fantasy gaming website, but according to the law, it is not illegal in our country, and it is safe to play on. 

The judgment made by the High Court was forwarded to the Supreme Court, and based on the previous ruling, they gave out the same results making Dream11 and other such fantasy sports gaming apps legal in India.

Even though the highest court of the country has shown support to such applications, a lot of experts think that these applications work in the country’s ‘grey area.’

Dream11 has gained immense popularity ever since it’s launch in 2012 and seems like a lot of developers and gaming enthusiasts have come forward with their version of the fantasy gaming applications.

Here is the list of 14 more applications for fantasy gaming:

1. 11 Wickets Fantasy

This is a new fantasy gaming application that is available for people to use and play on. A user can register themselves on the website by using their email to verify as a genuine user and when you join the game, a bonus of Rs. 75 is given to the user.

To attract more users, they have also started a bonus offer in which when a user adds Rs. 200 in the in-game account, a bonus of Rs.200 is given to them. 

You can download from here, www.11wickets.com.

2.  KhelChamps Fantasy

KhelChamps Fantasy app is another online fantasy cricket gaming app that offers various rewards as a login bonus to the users. This app gives you Rs. 200 as login bonus. There are chances of even getting 500% of bonus cash from when you join the application.

Download it from here, www.khelchamps.com.

3.  MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is another cricket fantasy gaming app like Dream11 which is used to play the game. You can choose a team of 11 players who you think will perform well and it can help you earn point during the match.

If you come close to the winning point region, then cash awards are added to your MyTeam11 account which can be redeemed later through your bank account.

Functions like cricket clubs and extra free matches make this app stand apart from Dream11.

Download from here, www.myteam11.com

4. Halaplay App

Halaplay is another app that is in the business of fantasy cricket gaming. Along with cricket, it also focuses on football and kabaddi leagues giving the users more option to choose from.

Users get Rs.100 as a login bonus, and from there they can play and earn money by investing in paid cricket or football games. 

Download from here, india.halaplay.com

5. cricapp.com

With all these fantasy gaming league apps being in trend and helping people make money, be a part of the leaders with your fantasy gaming app

KillerLaunch has the domain name cricapp.com available for sale and its hard to get .com domain names with such names. With a .com domain that is all about cricket, search engines will give you a good ranking, and the number of users will increase as well.

Buy from here, cricapp.com.

6. Fantasy Power 11 Online

Fantasy Power11 is another cricket fantasy gaming app that can be used to make some money and test your skills. Choose your players for your team, and you are good to go for the league matches.

You get Rs.20 on sign up, and an extra Rs.20 bonus is given to you for every referral you make to a friend. You also get a 10% lifetime bonus of referred friends, which will provide you with 10% of their gaming scores.

Download from here, fantasypower11.com

7. trade11.com

Another excellent opportunity to make a .com domain yours is again offered by KillerLaunch where you can get the domain, trade11.com  and get in the league of Dream11.com and Halaplay.com.

You can use this domain to make fantasy gaming even better as well as provide other information that you wish to share or bring more sports in the world of fantasy gaming. 

Buy from here, trade11.com

8. Leaguex IPL Loot

Leaguex IPL Loot, as the name suggests is a fantasy gaming website that is solely dedicated to the matches that are played during the IPL seasons. 

As a promotional offer, they are offering a signup bonus of Rs. 100 to get you started with the fantasy cricket gaming.

Get it from here, www.leaguex.com.

9. Fan Fight Fantasy App

Fan Fight is a new application in the world of fantasy cricket leagues and is similar to Dream11, but this is a little different as you get to select 6 players from both the teams to make your chances of winning probable. 

Get it from here, fanfight.com.

10. Fanmojo

Fanmojo is an app which offers a different concept when it comes to choosing your team as it gives you the option to select 5 batsmen from both teams.

A captain and vice-captain are selected, and you earn 2 times bonus for the captain and 1.5 times bonus for vice-captain.

Get it from here, fanmojo.in.

11. Fantain Fantasy Sports

Fantain is a live fantasy gaming website where a person can choose between cricket and football and play the game with the team of their choice. On winning the person gets real-time cash as free Paytm cash.

Download here, www.fantain.com

12. My11Circle Fantasy Cricket

Another new genuine fantasy cricket app has surfaced on the web known as My11Circle. This app lets you choose a cricket match, and further, you select your team and stand a chance to win real-time cash.

Just by referring to your friends, you can earn up to Rs.500 which will be sent to you in intervals.

Play here, www.my11circle.com

13. BalleBaazi.com

BalleBaazi.com was launched in 2017 and is solely dedicated to fantasy cricket gaming. It supports three mode- classic fantasy(select 11 players), batting fantasy(select five batsmen), and bowling fantasy (select five bowlers).

You get Rs.50 signup bonus, and if a friend joins the app through your invite, then both of you get Rs.50 as a bonus.

Get it from here, www.ballebaazi.com

14. Fanbash.in

Fanbash.in is another online platform that offers the fantasy cricket league for the users and is considered as a user-friendly, trustworthy, and entertaining way to engage fans of cricket all over the world.

It offers Rs. 50 bonus on signup and if you refer it to a friend and they join, then both of you get Rs.25 as a bonus.

Get here, www.fanbash.in

The culture of fantasy gaming is picking up pace in India as well, and a lot of people have already started participating actively in it and are making the most of it.

If you liked the article, then comment below and let us know.

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